Cookies Policy

The QIWI PLC (hereinafter — “QIWI”) uses cookies on its website (hereinafter individually referred to as “QIWI’s website”). The QIWI uses cookies for the following purposes: to identify and recover errors at the QIWI’s website; to support the QIWI’s website operation and improve its performance and quality; to decrease risks, prevent possible fraud, ensure safe use of the QIWI’s website; to store users’ personal preferences and settings; to provide targeted information about products and services of the QIWI and its partners; to improve products and/or services, to develop new products and/or services; to maintain analytics. When visiting the QIWI’s website on the Internet other data is automatically collected, including: technical characteristics of the device, IP address, information about browser and language used, the date and time of the access to the website, addresses of the requested pages of the website and other similar information. The QIWI may use cookies and other automated and non-automated methods of processing user data (information about actions performed by the user on the QIWI’s website, information about devices used to access the QIWI’s website, the time and date of the session) and may also transfer them to a third party to conduct research, perform work or provide services. Users may manage cookies on their own. The utilized browser and/or device may permit blocking, deleting or otherwise limiting use of cookies. The operation manual, provided by the browser developer or device manufacturer, shall be used to find out how to manage cookies of the utilized browser or device. Some QIWI’s website functions or QIWI’s services may become unavailable in case cookies are blocked or deleted. The processed cookie files are deleted or anonymized once the above specified processing purposes are achieved or when it is no more necessary to achieve such purposes. The information below sets out what type of certain cookies we use and how we use them: BX_USER_ID: stores information about the unique identifier of an unauthorized site user; cookies_policy: stores consent of the use of cookies; PHPSESSID: stores information about the unique session identifier of the site user.