About QIWI

QIWI an innovative provider of cutting-edge payment and financial services. We offer a wide range of products under several directions: QIWI payment and financial services ecosystem for merchants and B2C clients across digital use-cases, ROWI digital structured financial products for SME, Flocktory services in marketing automatization and advertising technologies, and several other startups.

We have an integrated proprietary network that enables payment services across online, mobile and physical channels and provides access to financial services for retail customers and B2B partners. Millions of consumers and partners may receive and transmit cash and electronic payments through our network. Our money remittance payment platform connects businesses and people via thousands of service points across the globe.

Our customers and partners can use cash, stored value, prepaid cards and other electronic payment methods in order to pay for goods and services or transfer money across virtual or physical environments interchangeably, as well as employ our open API infrastructure and highly customizable, sophisticated payment solutions to serve their business or personal needs. Our ROWI brand serves businesses with digital factoring, bank guarantees and other financial solutions for SMEs.

We believe the complementary combination of our physical and virtual payment and financial services as well as our open infrastructure provides a differentiated convenience to our customers and creates a strong network effect that drives payment volume and maintains robust profitability.